Sculptors and modellers have been creating china figurines and sculptures of the great characters of history and literature for centuries, and there is a particularly strong tradition of excellence in figurative sculpture in the proud history of Worcestershire ceramics. There is an equally rich tradition of commemorative and gift wares featuring beautiful images painted by hand onto vases, plates and other items, particularly in celebration of important royal anniversaries or occasions.

Bronte’s range of collectables features both wonderfully detailed sculptural pieces and delightful commemorative wares. We are especially proud to continue a tradition that is particularly associated with Worcestershire in our collections of fine bone china candle extinguishers. Originating as functional household items that were vital in the days before electricity, candle snuffers have developed into charming and exquisite miniature sculptures that are much sought after by collectors around the world. Our current collections of candle extinguishers take their inspiration from great works of literature and dance, as well as from important moments in history.

We are also very proud of our new collection of miniature portrait plaques featuring a variety of great characters from more recent times as well as from the pages of the history books.

Whatever your particular tastes or interests, if you are a connoisseur of fine ceramics there is certain to be something that will appeal to you among Bronte Porcelain’s exquisite range of fine bone china collectables.