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Zebras Reflection Plaque


Product code: CA006

This plaque is cast in fine bone china, hand painted with a pair of Zebra drinking at a waterhole.
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Product Description

Ceramic art on fine bone china is particularly known for the vivid colours that can be achieved, but equally dramatic effects can be achieved by deliberately using a more limited palette. This superb plaque is a wonderful example of what can be done with an image that is almost entirely monochrome.

At just over 400cm high and 340 cm wide, this generously proportioned plaque allows the artist free rein to show just what can be achieved. To begin with, the plaque itself must be cast and glazed, a technically challenging task in view of the need to fire the plaque at high temperatures in the kiln both after casting and once the glaze has been applied.

Taking the pure, smooth white of the bone china plaque as a canvas, the artist has then painstakingly created the image of two zebras drinking at a waterhole. Every detail of their black and white markings is beautifully depicted. Of particular note is the subtle shading used to create both the ripples on the water and the reflections of the two creatures’ heads, but close study of the image also reveals the wonderful use of shading and the understated use of colour that brings the study so thrillingly to life, for instance the zebras’ manes and the details of their eyes and ears.

Not only an evocative demonstration of what can be achieved by the finest ceramic artists but a wonderful work of art in its own right, the Zebras Reflection plaque is framed and comes in a hand-made silk-lined box.




Plaque Height: 405mm (including frame as shown)

Plaque Width : 340mm 

Frame Depth: 35mm 


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