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Wren and Pink Blossom Espresso Cup and Saucer


Product code: EB001

Hand painted Wren and Pink Blossom Espresso Cup and Saucer  - exclusive to our website.
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Product Description

The Wren is a wonderful little bird, whose character far exceeds its tiny size. Small and brown, it is plump and stocky, and can sometimes appear to be almost round, and for such a tiny creature it has an astonishingly loud voice. The commonest breeding bird in Great Britain, it has a short, narrow tail which it frequently flicks up almost vertically, making it almost comical to watch.

Such a tiny, energetic bird is ideally suited to the small but elegant shape of Bronte’s Espresso Cup and Saucer. Just 60mm (2 ½ inches) high, and cast from fine bone china, the cup provides a perfect miniature canvas for our artists to capture the essence of this doughty little character. Perched on a branch, tail cocked and ready to sing, the wren is set against a background of delicate pink blossom, and a spray of blossom is also featured in the well of the matching saucer. With such a small space to work in, and painting entirely by hand, the artist must have the most delicate touch and use the finest brushes in order to capture every detail of the wren’s feathers, it’s bright eye, and the delicate petals of the blossom behind it. Finally, the cup and saucer are completed with a band of 22 carat gold around the rim of the cup and the edge of the saucer, as well as gold detailing on the handle.

The Wren Espresso Cup and Saucer comes in a silk-lined gift box.



Espresso cup and saucer Height: 60mm

Cup Diameter: 55mm

Saucer Diameter: 114mm 

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