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H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, Trooping the Colour Candle Extinguisher


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H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, Trooping the Colour Candle Extinguisher from the Royal Collection.
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Product Description

The Bronte Royal Collection is a set of candle extinguishers featuring some of the most treasured members of the British Royal family, both past and present.


Every aspect of this very special collection is made and painted by hand. Using fine bone china, specially created ceramic colours, 22 carat gold, platinum and silver.


Trooping the Colour is a ceremony performed by regiments of the British and Commonwealth armies. It has been a tradition of British infantry regiments since the 17th century, although the roots go back much earlier. Since 1748 Trooping the Colour has also marked the official birthday of the British sovereign. It is held in London annually on a Saturday in June on Horse Guards Parade by St. James's Park, and coincides with the publication of the Birthday Honours List. The Queen travels down The Mall from Buckingham Palace in a royal procession with a sovereign's escort of Household Cavalry (mounted troops or horse guards). After receiving a royal salute, she inspects her troops of the Household Division and the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery. Each year, one of the foot-guards regiments is selected to troop its colour through the ranks of guards. Since 1987, The Queen has attended in a carriage rather than riding, which she did before that on 36 occasions, riding side-saddle and wearing the uniform of the regiment whose Colour was being trooped. The regiments take their turn for this honour in rotation as operational commitments permit. 

Dimensions are 12(H) x 7(W) x 4cm(D)


Fully packaged complete with limited edition certificate.


Other candle extinguishers available from this collection include Lady Elizabeth of Glamis (Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother), "Lilibet" Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II), Princess Elizabeth of York (Queen Elizabeth II), Queen Elizabeth II (Coronation 1953), Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, H.M. Queen Elizabeth II (Trooping the Colour), H.M. Queen Elizabeth II (Order of the Garter), HRH Prince William, Kate Middleton, Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Queen Elizabeth I, King Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Queen Mary I, The Queen's Beasts Collection - The Lion of England, The Queen's Beasts Collection - The Unicorn of Scotland and The Queen's Beasts Collection - The Dragon of Wales

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