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Peregrine Falcon


Product code: FS006

This fabulous sculpture is cast in fine bone china and depicts a Peregrine Falcon with its wings widely spread, displaying the distinctive black and white feather pattern having just landed on a moss covered tree stump.

Product Description

This dramatic fine bone china sculpture captures the very essence of the magnificent peregrine falcon, one of the most beautiful birds of prey. With its wings spread wide, the falcon is shown coming to land on a favourite vantage point, from which it can quickly launch once more in pursuit of small birds and mammals.

To capture such a spectacular moment in fine bone china requires enormous technical expertise. The delicate outstretched wings must be carefully cast, assembled and fired, retaining every detail of the original sculpture, from the falcon’s fierce talons to the feathers of its wingtips. To ensure that no detail is lost, the model is lightly covered with a fine satin glaze to produce a wonderfully naturalistic effect. The skill of the craftspeople who cast the sculpture is matched by that of the artist who paints every detail of the bird’s distinctive plumage entirely by hand, from the fan of its tail feathers to the keen eyes and sharp bill.

The Peregrine Falcon (Latin name Falco peregrinus) is one of the world’s most widespread birds of prey. Large and powerful, with strong wings and a short tail, it takes its name from the Latin word peregrinus, meaning ‘wanderer’ or ‘pilgrim’, perhaps because of its migratory habits. Its breeding range is immense, stretching from the Arctic regions to the tropics. But its relative abundance does not in any way detract from its elegance, power and beauty.

Standing 450mm (18 inches) tall, Bronte Porcelain’s peregrine falcon is virtually lifesize, and so amazingly lifelike that you half-expect those wings to move, and the bird to spring from its perch in pursuit of its prey.



Height: 450mm
Width : 760mm 
Depth: 330mm 

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