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Papilio Blumei Jewellery Box


Product code: TB004-XL

Papilio Blumei Jewellery Box  - exclusive to our website.
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Product Description

Also known as the Peacock or Green Swallowtail Butterfly, the Papilio Blumei is found only in a small part of Indonesia, although similar species are found in other areas of Australasia. The butterfly’s wingspan is 12 to 14cm (around 5 inches), and with its iridescent, metallic wing colours it possesses a truly exotic beauty and allure. Indeed, the structure of the wings is such that light striking them is reflected in many different directions, leading to a combination of colour tones and consequently the dazzling and eye-catching effect.

The challenge of reproducing this amazing effect has been taken up by the artists and craftspeople of Bronte Porcelain, and the results are as breathtaking as the Papilio Blumei itself. First, the broad-lidded trinket box is cast in fine bone china, and a glaze applied to both base and cover. Then, using a combination of ceramic pigments, metallic colours and lustres the artist painstakingly applies, entirely by hand, the decoration to the lid. It is the use of the metals and lustres that lends this box its wonderful iridescence; just like the colours that nature has produced in the butterfly, but recreated in the medium of fine ceramic art. It takes several applications of colour to create the finished image, and the lid must be fired after each one.

This truly outstanding example of Bronte’s artistry is available exclusively via our website; you won’t find our butterfly jewellery boxes in any shop or online store. Presented in a silk-lined box, this would be a perfect gift for anyone with a taste for exotic beauty.




Box Height: 50mm

Box Diameter: 215mm

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