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Mr Vitality


Product code: FS008

This large special commission equestrian study of the 1996 Hong Kong champion racehorse is cast in fine bone china and portrays Mr Vitality with jockey, Basil Marcus, in the saddle.

Product Description

The power and athleticism of a thoroughbred race horse are beautifully captured by Bronte Porcelain in this magnificent large equestrian study. Cast in fine bone china, it is a remarkable example of ceramic sculptural art.

Mr Vitality, Hong Kong’s champion horse of 1996, is depicted with his jockey, Basil Marcus, as they drive towards the finishing line and another victory. Originally commissioned by Mr Larry Yung, the proud owner of Mr Vitality, the sculpture is a technical tour de force. Only two of the horse’s legs are in contact with the base, making it hugely challenging to produce in the delicate medium of fine bone china. The model is cast in several individual pieces, which are carefully assembled and then fired in the kiln, before being given a light coating of satin glaze that allows every tiny detail of the original model to be retained.

Onto this glaze our artist applies the ceramic colours that create such an astonishingly lifelike effect, from the shining coat of the thoroughbred mount to the colourful saddlecloth and the jockey’s silks. The level of detail is astounding, from the determined expressions on the faces of both the rider and his steed to the detailed reins and bridle and the whip in the jockey’s hand.

Mr Vitality is not only an outstanding piece of ceramic sculpture but a wonderful celebration of the sport of kings. The sculpture is mounted on a mahogany plinth with a commemorative plaque. Only three of the limited edition of ten sculptures remain.




Height: 410mm

Width : 580mm 

Depth: 180mm 


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