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Kingfisher Trinket Box - Medium


Product code: TB001-M

This medium size round trinket box is cast in fine bone china and hand painted across the whole of the cover with a Kingfisher perched over water design - exclusive to our website.
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Note: this item can have a personal inscription hand painted by one of our artists. Please set out the inscription carefully as unfortunately we cannot rectify any typographical errors. The inscription will be arranged by our artists to suit the size and shape of the piece.

Product Description

The magnificent Kingfisher is one of the most hallowed of birds, and the sight of that flash of blue and orange as it dives from the riverbank to catch its prey is a sight that once seen is never forgotten. A relatively small bird with a very short tail, the Kingfisher’s large head and distinctive, dagger-like bill make it unmistakeable, but it is the colour of its plumage that is the bird’s real glory.

The jewel-like colours and gleaming glaze of this trinket box are the perfect way to capture the beauty of this most joyful of birds. The box itself is cast in fine bone china, before the artist takes advantage of the broad, circular canvas of its lid to present the beautiful kingfisher, poised on a branch above the water, ready to swoop on an unsuspecting fish. The vivid, iridescent blue and orange of the kingfisher’s plumage is achieved with bright ceramic colours, set against the subtle, gentle background of reeds and water; a real masterpiece of ceramic art.

Once the painting has been completed, which takes several applications of colour and consequently several firings in the kiln, the finishing touch is to add a band of 22 carat gold around the edge of the cover and the foot line of the box, and you may also decide to include a hand-applied inscription for a really personal touch. This beautiful Kingfisher trinket box is only available from Bronte Porcelain’s website and cannot be found in any shop or online retailer.




Height: 50mm

Diameter : 78mm 


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