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Serengeti Morn


Product code: FS005

This exquisite sculpture of an Impala leaping over wizened branches is cast in fine bone china and beautifully hand painted over a satin glaze.

Product Description

Twisting and turning, an impala leaps at speed over the dry branches of a stunted tree on the Serengeti Plain in this exquisite fine bone china sculpture. This is a truly astonishing example of the skills of the artists and craftspeople of Bronte Porcelain, and a wonderful example of three-dimensional ceramic art.

Renowned animal sculptor Nick Bibby has captured the delicacy and grace of the impala in his original sculpture, which is then carefully cast in fine bone china. Such is the skill that goes into its creation that the impala appears to be almost airborne, making it a tremendous challenge to cast and fire. These beautiful antelopes can reach speeds of around forty miles per hour, and are also capable of leaping to great heights or over amazing distances, which makes them able to evade many of their predators, even those that can run as fast as the cheetah. It is amazing to think that they do so on such thin, delicate legs; limbs whose fineness also presents particular technical challenges when reproduced in fine bone china.

A light, satin glaze is used, which highlights every detail of this wonderfully athletic creature and the texture of its coat. On this glaze the colour and shading of the impala’s hide are brought beautifully to life by the skill of Bronte’s artists. This study of an impala also forms part of the prestigious double sculpture Escape, a truly breath-taking ceramic tableau in which the impala makes its escape from a pursuing cheetah.




Height: 430mm

Width : 360mm 

Depth: 200mm 


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