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Product code: FS007

The Gyrfalcon sculpture is cast in fine bone china. It is shown wearing it’s jesses whilst perched on a Falconers gauntlet. 

Product Description

This dramatic fine bone china sculpture captures the beauty and majesty of the magnificent gyrfalcon, one of the largest of the falcon species, which has been highly prized as a hunting bird since medieval times.

The gyrfalcon’s Arctic origins are reflected in its beautiful snowy white plumage with its contrasting black markings. The careful and precise casting of the model, coupled with the use of a light, satin glaze, retains every detail of the texture of the original sculpture. When the model is painstakingly painted by hand, it becomes almost impossible to distinguish the bone china feathers from those of the real thing. The final touch is the gloss finish that recreates the characteristic glint in the falcon’s eye.

The hunting prowess and trainability of the gyrfalcon led to its adoption as a sporting bird by the Vikings, and this heritage is reflected by its use as the national symbol of the country of Iceland. Bronte’s superb fine bone china sculpture depicts a trained falcon at rest on a falconer’s gauntlet, complete with the leather jesses that are used to tether the bird. Note too the fineness of the falcon’s tail, something that presents a huge technical challenge to recreate in delicate bone china. So lifelike is the sculpture that you half-expect the bird to take flight at any moment. Standing 480mm (nearly 20 inches) in height, the gyrfalcon is shown at virtually life size, and this magnificent sculpture would make a dramatic impact in any setting.



Height: 480mm
Width : 280mm 
Depth: 260mm 


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