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Grey Horse Plaque


Product code: CA005

This plaque is cast in fine bone china, featuring a hand painted study of the head of a grey dressage horse.
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Product Description

There are many challenges facing the creator of fine ceramic art. The first is the material itself, finding the right combination of ingredients to produce perfect fine bone china, then working with liquid clay, or slip, to cast each piece and fire it at enormously high temperatures in a kiln without cracking or breaking.

Painting on china, too, presents its own range of difficulties. The range of colours that can be used is more limited than those available to an artist working in oils or watercolour, for instance, as they have to be able to withstand further firing in the kiln. Different colours require firings at different temperatures, which means that the image may have to be built up in stages, with several firings along the way.

To create life-like images of nature on fine bone china is therefore far from straightforward for the ceramic artist. For those who are capable of doing so, however, the use of ceramic colours, and the way that these combine with the delicate glaze, can create artworks of astonishing beauty and vividness.

The grey horse depicted on this plaque is shown fully prepared for a dressage event, with a beautifully braided mane as well as reins, bridle and bit. The horse’s noble grey head stands out dramatically from the dark background, the subtle shading and intricate detail of the portrait a truly outstanding example of the ceramic artist’s work.

As all our plaques are painted entirely by hand, we would of course be very happy to discuss the creation of a wonderful ceramic portrait of your own horse; please see the commissions page or contact us for more information.




Plaque Height: 480mm (including frame as shown)

Plaque Width : 405mm 

Frame Depth: 30mm 


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