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British Racing Green Morgan Plus 8


Product code: CA009

This plaque is cast in fine bone china and hand painted with a British Racing Green Morgan Plus 8 in front of Malvern Hills under a dramatic sky.
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Product Description

The charismatic Morgan Plus 8 is one of the best-loved British sports cars, its evocative shape virtually unchanged since its introduction in 1968. Although instantly recognisable, the Morgan has never become a truly familiar sight on the road simply because of the limited numbers in which it is produced. Indeed, Morgan cars have a great deal in common with Bronte Porcelain, every one being entirely hand made in Worcestershire. Such has been the demand for the high-performance Plus 8 that the waiting list for new owners has at times stretched to several years.

Originally offered with a 3.5-litre Rover engine, the Plus 8 has evolved with the demands of motoring legislation and while the current model sports a 4.8-litre BMW motor that can push it to speeds of over 150mph, the company recently announced the development of an electrically powered version.

Our Morgan Plus 8 plaque depicts a classic model in that most evocative of colours, British Racing Green, against the dramatic backdrop of the Malvern Hills. From the wire wheels to the familiar radiator grille and bonnet louvres, every detail is perfectly captured, not least the lustre and beauty of the paintwork.

One of the most unusual aspects of the classic Morgan is the use of an ash frame in the construction of the car’s body. In honour of this unique feature of these wonderful cars, our Morgan plaque also boasts an ash frame.

This splendid plaque is not only a fitting celebration of Worcestershire craftsmanship but a perfect gift for the Morgan enthusiast. But if there is another marque, or even a particular vehicle, that you would like to commemorate in a beautiful piece of ceramic art that will never fade, we would be delighted to hear from you and to discuss your requirements.

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