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Goldfinch Teacup and Saucer


Product code: TC001

This Teacup and saucer is cast in fine bone china and handpainted to the inside with Goldfinch and Hawthorn design – exclusive to our website.
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Product Description

This elegant teacup and saucer, made from fine bone china of the highest quality, is decorated with a hand-painted image of a goldfinch perched on a hawthorn bush, while the matching saucer features three further sprays of hawthorn. The classic, traditional shape of the teacup is complimented beautifully by the hand-painted decoration, inside the cup, of this charming, popular and colourful little bird, one of the brightest of the finch family.

Each cup and saucer is cast and assembled using fine bone china slip, fired in the kiln, and then glazed and fired once more even before it is handed to the artist. On the pure, flawless surface the artist then builds up, entirely by hand, the delightful image of the goldfinch and the hawthorn among which it is perched. To combine the subtle, precise detail of the plumage with the vivid colours of the bird’s wings and head requires patience and skill, and several applications of paint will be required to achieve the finished effect, with the cup returning to the kiln after each stage. Finally, a band of 22 carat gold adds the perfect finishing touch to the rim of the cup and saucer, as well as to the handle and the well of the saucer.

This elegant example of fine ceramic art is available exclusively from Bronte’s website, and comes complete with a silk-lined gift box. And if there is any other favourite bird that you would like to see on one of these beautiful teacups, why not consider commissioning a truly unique piece? Please see our commissions page or contact us for more information.




Cup Height: 56mm

Width including Handle: 120mm

Cup Diameter: 102mm 

Saucer Diameter: 144mm  


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