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Goldfinch and Apple Blossom Espresso Cup and Saucer


Product code: EB006

Goldfinch and apple blossom Espresso Cup and Saucer - exclusive to our website.
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Product Description

One of the most beautifully coloured of finches, the Goldfinch is among the most popular of British birds. Found throughout the British Isles, with the exception of the far north and west of Scotland, the Goldfinch is equipped with a long, thin beak that is ideal for removing seeds from thistles and teasels. But it is the combination of their bright, vivid colouring and their delightful, twittering song that makes them so well loved.

Perched among the apple blossom, the Goldfinch on Bronte Porcelain’s exquisite Espresso Cup and Saucer, which is available exclusively from this website, has been perfectly captured by the artist. In the well of the saucer a small spray of apple blossom complements the image on the cup. A masterpiece of ceramic art in miniature, the cup and saucer is first cast in fine bone china, and a delicate clear glaze is applied and fired into place before the painter begins work. Painting entirely by hand, the artist conveys every detail and nuance of the delicate finch, and of the beautiful blossom in which it sits, while also capturing the vivid yellow of its wings and the characteristic bright red of its face. To achieve this layered effect requires several applications of colour, with each sealed into place by firing both cup and saucer in the kiln. The finishing touch is to apply a band of 22 carat gold to the handle and to the rim of both the cup and saucer.

Supplied in a silk-lined presentation box, this superb Espresso Cup and Saucer would make an elegant and thoughtful gift for any nature lover, or any admirer of fine ceramic art.



Espresso cup and saucer Height: 60mm

Cup Diameter: 55mm

Saucer Diameter: 114mm 

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