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Firecrest and Fern Espresso Cup and Saucer


Product code: EB002

Hand painted Firecrest and Fern Espresso Cup and Saucer  - exclusive to our website.
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Product Description

The tiny Firecrest is one of Britain’s smallest birds, with only the Goldcrest matching its miniature size. Small and rounded, the Firecrest grows to no more than 9cm (3½ inches) in length, with a wingspan of just 15cm (6 inches) or so. Found only in the south and east of the British Isles, they hunt through trees and bushes in search of insects to eat. The Firecrest is more brightly coloured than the Goldcrest, but is particularly distinguished by the bright yellow strip on its head, which in the male bird has the bright orange centre that gives the bird its name.

A bird as small and delicate as the Firecrest is perfectly suited to its depiction on Bronte’s exquisite Espresso Cup and Saucer. Cast in fine bone china and delicately glazed, the 60mm (2½ inches) high cup provides a small but flawless canvas for the painter’s art. Working entirely by hand and using a specially prepared palette of ceramic pigments, the artist conveys every detail of the Firecrest’s plumage, as well as the ferns among which it perches, while also capturing all the subtlety and shading of its characteristic colouring. In the well of the saucer, meanwhile, there is a further spray of ferns. Finally, bands of 22 carat gold are applied to the rim of the cup and saucer, and to the cup’s handle.

Available only from Bronte’s website, the Firecrest and Ferns Espresso Cup and Saucer are supplied in a silk-lined box and would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift.



Espresso cup and saucer Height: 60mm

Cup Diameter: 55mm

Saucer Diameter: 114mm 

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