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Daisies Vase - Medium


Product code: MV002

This 195mm medium vase is cast in fine bone china and hand painted to the outside with a bouquet of Daisies to the front and two further Daisies painted to the rear - exclusive to our website.
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Product Description

The Daisy is one of our most familiar flowers. With its bright yellow centre and ring of small white petals it is almost like a child’s drawing of a flower, and perhaps that is why the daisy is not only one of the first flowers that children learn to recognise but has itself come to be associated with childhood, innocence and purity. With a long flowering season, daisies can be seen throughout most of the year, particularly in meadows and cottage gardens.

A beautiful bouquet of daisies is the subject portrayed on this medium-sized vase, which stands 195mm (7½ inches) tall. On the front of the vase the bouquet spreads out across the width, fresh and vigorous, while to the rear there is a smaller image of two daisies, all painted entirely by hand. The vase is cast in fine bone china, fired and glazed before the artist’s work begins. Using a specially prepared palette of ceramic colours, the image is built up in stages, requiring several further firings, before the finishing touch is added in the form of bands of 22 carat gold around the rim and foot of the vase.

This elegant medium-sized vase is available only from our website, and is a wonderful showcase for the skills of Bronte’s artists and craftspeople. If there is another flower that you would like to see on this vase, you might want to consider commissioning a unique piece of your own; see our commissions page or contact us for more details.




Height: 195mm

Width: 95mm

Neck: 65mm 



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