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Lost Pursuit


Product code: FS004

This sculpture of a Cheetah is cast in fine bone china and hand painted on satin glaze. It is depicted running at maximum pace.

Product Description

On the Serengeti Plain of East Africa a magnificent cheetah hurtles across the ground at maximum speed, straining every muscle in pursuit of its prey. The fastest land animal on the planet, cheetahs have been known to reach speeds of over seventy miles per hour in short bursts, and can accelerate up to that astonishing velocity in a matter of seconds.

Speed is the very essence of the cheetah, which has evolved to maximise its efficiency in the chase, and the result is a creature of remarkable sleekness and elegance. Its beauty is enhanced by its characteristic markings: the wonderful mottling of the pale tan body and the black rings around the tip of the long, sinuous tail. For all its power and menace, and its proficiency as a hunter, it is a creature of heart-stopping beauty.

Sculptor Nick Bibby has brilliantly captured the power and elegance of this wonderful big cat in his delightful study of a cheetah engaged in the chase, its feet barely touching the ground and its long, sinuous tail stretched out behind it, presenting a tremendous technical challenge to cast in fine bone china. The satin glaze that is used allows us to retain every detail and texture of the hand-painted sculpture. This dramatic fine bone china animal study is a genuine tour de force by the artists and craftspeople of Bronte Porcelain, and a truly outstanding example of sculptural ceramic art of the highest quality.

‘Lost Pursuit’ also forms part of the dramatic double sculpture ‘Escape’.



Height: 360mm
Width : 530mm 
Depth: 250mm 

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