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Bullfinch and Blackberries Espresso Cup and Saucer


Product code: EB004

Hand painted Bullfinch and blackberries Espresso Cup and Saucer  - exclusive to our website.
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Product Description

A male Bullfinch perches among the blackberries in the charming image on this delightful Espresso Cup and Saucer. With its bright pinkish-red breast, black cap and tail and bright, white rump the bullfinch is unmistakeable, and it feasts voraciously on the buds of fruit bushes and other trees, to such an extent that it was once considered a pest by fruit growers. Despite its bold appearance, the bullfinch is generally a quiet bird, and its usual song is a gentle warble; however, in times of alarm it can produce a much more piping note.

On the miniature canvas of Bronte’s fine bone china Espresso Cup, the artist captures every detail of this characterful little bird, from the feathers of its plumage to the beautiful colours of its markings, as well as bringing to vivid life the ripe blackberries that appear to have caught its eye. It takes immense skill to achieve such lifelike detail in such a restricted space; this is truly fine ceramic art in miniature. In the well of the saucer, meanwhile, there is another spray of blackberries, and both cup and saucer are completed with a band of 22 carat gold applied around the rim.

The Bullfinch and Blackberries Espresso Cup and Saucer is available only via Bronte Porcelain’s website, and is not available from any other store or retailer. Supplied in a silk-lined presentation box, it would make a wonderful gift for anyone with a love of birdlife or an appreciation of fine bone china.



Espresso cup and saucer Height: 60mm

Cup Diameter: 55mm

Saucer Diameter: 114mm 

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