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Osprey Elmley Bowl


Product code: BW005

The Elmley bowl is cast in fine bone china, hand painted inside and outside with an Osprey catching a Trout within a lakeland and pine forest scene.
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Note: this item can have a personal inscription hand painted by one of our artists. Please set out the inscription carefully as unfortunately we cannot rectify any typographical errors. The inscription will be arranged by our artists to suit the size and shape of the piece.

Product Description

The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) is one of the largest raptors in the British Isles, growing to up to 60 cm (2 feet) in length with a wingspan of 180 cm (nearly 6 feet), while its alternative name of ‘Fish Eagle’ gives a clue to its principal food source. There has been great concern in recent decades over the decline in osprey numbers in Great Britain, with only a small number of breeding pairs in Scotland, although in the last few years a pair has become established in the English Lake District and in one or two other locations too. Ospreys migrate to Africa in the autumn and return in late March or April, when their arrival is eagerly awaited by birdwatchers.

One reason for the osprey’s popularity is its spectacular hunting technique, which is brilliantly depicted on Bronte Porcelain’s Osprey Bowl, as the bird swoops low over the water to catch a trout in its outstretched talons. To capture such a moment of drama while remaining entirely true to life is a job for only the most talented ceramic artists. Working on the smooth white bone china of the Elmley Bowl, the artist must not only convey the speed and power of the osprey but also depict every detail of its feathers and markings. Several applications of colour, and several firings in the kiln, are needed to create the full effect.

Finally, a band of 22 carat gold is added to the rim and foot of the bowl, and you can also opt to have a personalised inscription added to the base by the artist. The bowl is supplied in a hand-made, silk-lined presentation box.




Bowl Height: 145mm

Bowl Diameter: 360mm 


Painted by Tony Young 

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