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Golden Eagle Elmley Bowl


Product code: BW001

The Elmley bowl is cast in fine bone china, hand painted with a Golden Eagle perched on a tree stump in front of a impressionistic highland landscape.
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Note: this item can have a personal inscription hand painted by one of our artists. Please set out the inscription carefully as unfortunately we cannot rectify any typographical errors. The inscription will be arranged by our artists to suit the size and shape of the piece.

Product Description

Perched on a tree stump in a highland landscape, the magnificent Golden Eagle surveys the scene with the piercing eye for which the species is renowned. From its sharp bill to its superb talons, the eagle is so lifelike that it seems almost about to spring from its eyrie to mercilessly hunt down its prey. It is a truly wonderful example of the finest ceramic art and a demonstration of what Bronte Porcelain’s artists can achieve.

The image of the Golden Eagle dominates the design on Bronte’s Elmley Bowl, using the size and scale of the 360mm (14 inch) diameter dish to convey the power and mastery of this magisterial bird of prey. In the background, an impressionistic castle and the gentle hint of purple heather leave no doubt that this is the Scottish Highlands, where the Golden Eagle is once more abundant after numbers declined in the last century, although they can also be seen in many other parts of the world.

Built up stage by stage on the smooth white fine bone china of the Elmley Bowl, the design created by the artist evokes not only the power and grace of the eagle, but every detail of its plumage and markings. The bowl is then given the finishing touch of a band of 22 carat gold on the rim and foot, and a personal inscription can also be added by the artist to the base. The bowl comes complete with a hand-made, silk-lined presentation box.




Bowl Height: 115mm

Bowl Diameter: 360mm 


Painted by Tony Young 


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