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Eternal Freedom


Product code: CA007

This plaque is cast in fine bone china, hand painted with a contemporary design of a Cheetah's head featuring the application of specialist lustres and metallic paints.
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Note: this item can have a personal inscription hand painted by one of our artists. Please set out the inscription carefully as unfortunately we cannot rectify any typographical errors. The inscription will be arranged by our artists to suit the size and shape of the piece.

Product Description

This dramatic image of the head of a cheetah is a wonderful demonstration of the skill and versatility of Bronte’s artists, as well as a showcase for some of the astonishing effects that can be achieved in the finest ceramic art.

This stylish, contemporary image uses a deliberately limited palette of colours, the glowing fiery yellows of the cheetah’s noble head set dramatically against a dark background. The visual appeal of the plaque is enhanced by the use of a variety of specialist lustres and metallic paints, which catch the light to create the most enchanting effects. It is one of the great joys of ceramic art that the colours, when combined with the glaze, will pick up and reflect light in a way unlike any other artworks; in the Eternal Freedom plaque the use of these specialist decorative techniques enhances that appeal still further.

Here at Bronte Porcelain we are immensely proud of the skill of our artists, and are delighted to be able to give them the freedom to push the boundaries of what can be achieved, knowing that they are just as accomplished in the creation of modern, contemporary images as they are in the traditional forms of ceramic art.

Eternal Freedom is a wonderful example of what can be achieved by the unique combination of art and craft that we are able to offer. Framed in black and gold to perfectly complement the artwork, the plaque can also be personalised with an individual message of your choice on the reverse.




Plaque Height: 610mm (including frame as shown)

Plaque Width : 460mm 

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