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Product code: FS001

This impressive sculpture is cast in fine bone china, with every detail hand painted on satin glaze. It portrays a wonderfully dynamic scene that is played out daily between the Cheetah and Impala on the Serengeti Plains.

Product Description

This breath-taking ceramic fine bone china tableau portrays a dramatic scene that is played out daily on the plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania. The sleek, powerful cheetah gives chase to the delicate, long-limbed impala, which must use every ounce of its speed and agility to evade the ruthless hunter on its tail.

Renowned for their astonishing speed, cheetahs can reach velocities of some seventy miles per hour in short bursts, making them the fastest land animal in the world. But the impala is no slouch either, and its ability not only to twist and turn but to leap to great heights and over impressive distances means that it has every chance of making good its escape.

The movement and drama of the chase are captured superbly in the powerful and dynamic double sculpture by Nick Bibby. The hunted impala stretches every sinew, twisting and turning to escape the magnificent but deadly cheetah. To cast such delicate detail as the cheetah’s sinuous tail in fine bone china takes immense skill, which is matched only by that of the artist whose precise hand-painting brings the scene fully to life. The use of a light satin glaze means that the texture of the animals’ fur and hide are perfectly retained, allowing the artist to recreate every little shade and nuance of their beautiful markings.

Escape is mounted on a section of polished burr yew or walnut, and is a limited edition of just twenty-five pieces. This is a truly exceptional example of the very finest ceramic sculpture.




Height: 510mm

Width : 970mm 

Depth: 230mm 

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