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Cosmos Rose Hanley Vase


Product code: VW005

The vase is cast in fine bone china, hand painted with a bloom of Cosmos rose buds and open flowers.
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Note: this item can have a personal inscription hand painted by one of our artists. Please set out the inscription carefully as unfortunately we cannot rectify any typographical errors. The inscription will be arranged by our artists to suit the size and shape of the piece.

Product Description

Painting beautiful white roses onto pure white fine bone china presents a particular challenge to the ceramic artist, but it is a challenge that enables the specialists at Bronte Porcelain to fully demonstrate their wonderful skills. Roses of all types and all colours have long been a favoured subject for ceramic art, including the decoration of services produced by the finest European porcelain houses, but the subtlety required to bring to vivid life such delicate shades is something only the most capable artists can hope to achieve.

The 255mm (10 inch) high Hanley Vase is cast in fine bone china, fired and glazed before the artist sets to work, sketching out the design before gradually bringing it to life with a carefully selected palette of ceramic colours, painted directly by hand onto the smooth, curved surface of the vase. To achieve the delicate balance of pure white petals, gentle shades of yellow, open blooms, buds and green leaves requires several applications of colour, with the vase fired in the kiln after each. Finally, when the work is complete the vase returns once more to the kiln after a band of 22 carat gold has been applied to the rim.

The Cosmos Rose Hanley Vase comes complete with a hand-carved walnut plinth, and is presented in a hand-made, silk-lined box. If you wish, as a finishing touch and to make your vase truly unique a personal inscription can be added to the base of the vase by the artist.




Vase Height: 255mm

Vase Height including Plinth: 295mm 

Vase Diameter: 107mm 

Plinth Diameter: 180mm 


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