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Broken Tower of London Ceramic Poppy Repair | Bronte Porcelain

July 30, 2015

Ceramic poppies at the Tower of London


Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, created by artists Paul Cummins and Tom Piper, saw the moat around the Tower of London gradually filled with ceramic poppies; 888,246 of them in all, each one representing a British soldier killed during the conflict. Images of the sea of red spreading around the ancient fortress were sent around the world, and thousands of people came to marvel at the spectacle.


In November 2014 the display was carefully dismantled, and each pottery poppy was sold, raising millions of pounds for services charities. By early 2015, Bronte Porcelain had received a number of enquiries from the poppies’ new owners about repairing broken ceramic poppies. We were of course delighted to take on the task of restoring these historic flowers to their full glory, and the skills and knowledge of our artists and craftspeople make them the perfect people to do so. The process of ceramic poppy repair is illustrated in the photographs on our ceramic repair and restoration information sheet

Ceramic poppy repair


Handling these individual flowers has brought back vivid memories of the original installation, and its poignant commemoration of the tragedy and scale of the Great War. Inspired by those memories and repairing these damaged ceramic poppies, our artists have created a new collection of hand-painted poppy designs for our giftware range. They capture perfectly the flower’s combination of strong colour with the delicacy of its petals, all achieved through the use of a carefully selected variety of pigments. 


With the range completed, we decided to approach the Royal British Legion to discuss the project and we are delighted to announce that Bronte and the Royal British Legion are now working in partnership to support the charitable aims of the Royal British Legion, with Bronte donating 10% of the retail value of each hand painted fine bone china poppy vase sold from this exclusive range.  

Fixing broken poppy ceramics

For more details on the new poppy collection, please visit the giftware section of the website. Should you have a damaged poppy, or indeed any other ceramic item that is in need of repair or attention, please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information on our repair service please see the ceramic repair section of the website. 

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