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About Bronte

Worcestershire has been associated with fine china for more than two-and-a-half centuries. It was in the heart of the city of Worcester that one of the first ceramics factories in Europe was established in 1751, after Dr John Wall discovered the secret of how to create the pure, delicate porcelain that had previously been virtually unknown outside the Far East.


The tradition of excellence that began all those years ago is continued today by Bronte Porcelain. Based in Worcestershire – the home of the finest ceramics for quarter of a millennium – the skilled artists and craftspeople of Bronte maintain that proud heritage, safeguarding the traditional hand skills of their forebears while also adapting them to the demands of a modern age.


Every item created in Bronte’s studios is made and decorated by hand using the finest English bone china; from elegant homeware and intricate models of animals and flowers, to exquisite giftware and stunning hand painted plaques. The skill and flexibility of our artists mean that we can create individual commissions as well as limited edition ranges. Our customers include collectors and connoisseurs around the world; and even royalty.


As upholders of Worcestershire’s tradition of fine ceramic production, Bronte are proud to be associated with the Royal Porcelain Works initiative. This has been established to preserve the heritage of the historic production facility on Severn Street in Worcester, founded by Robert Chamberlain in 1788, whose period of operation culminated in the development of the iconic listed showroom in 1852, and a working factory until as recently as 2006. The initiative aims to support the skills and talents of the region, creating a focal point and showcase for local artists, helping to ensure that the traditions of world-class artistry and craftsmanship continue in Worcestershire.


We believe that Bronte personifies these Worcestershire traditions, ensuring that the skills and craftsmanship that have been built up over generations can continue to flourish. We hope that you will visit us to see what Bronte has to offer, to experience the history of Worcestershire porcelain, and to witness our continuing tradition of excellence. If you cannot spare the time to visit, we hope you enjoy the information on our website; and that you will consider adding one of our exclusive works of art to your collection or sharing in the special pleasure of commissioning your own unique ceramic masterpiece.

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